2020 Virtual CLP Talks

Talks 1 & 2

Talk 1, God's Love, by Bro Don Fernandez

Talk 2, Who is Jesus Christ, by Bro Pidz Banasan

Talks 3 & 4

Talk 3, What it means to be a Christian, by Bro Paul Lomuntad

Talk 4, Repentance and Faith, by Bro Do Tuazon

Talks 5 & 6

Talk 5, The Christian Ideal Loving God, by Bro Amos de Leon

Talk 6, Loving Your Neighbor, by Sis Nilda de Leon

Talks 7 & 8

Talk 7, The Christian Family, by Bro Arnold & Sis Marita Yu

Talk 8, Life in the Holy Spirit, by Bro John Atilano

Talks 10 & 11

Talk 10, Growing in the Spirit, by Bro Bill Smith

Talk 11, The Life and Mission of CFC, by Bro Rod Yumul

Talk 12

Transformation in Christ by Sis Vivian Lomuntad

Vallejo Virtual CLP Dedication

October 25, 2020

Welcome to the Family CFC Vallejo