CFC Choir Mass Songs

March 3, St. Sebastian Church, Sebastopol

Rain Down (Jaime Cortez)

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Rain down, rain down

Rain down your love on your people.

Rain down, rain down

Rain down your love, God of life.


Faithful and true is the word of our God

All of God’s works are so worthy of trust

God’s mercy falls on the just and the right

Full of God’s love is the earth  [Refrain]


We who revere and find hope in our God

Live in the kindness and joy of God’s wing

God will protect us from darkness and death

God will not leave us to starve   [Refrain]


God of creation, we long for your truth

You are the water of life that we thirst

Grant that your love and your peace touch our hearts

All of our hope lies in you         [Refrain]



Responsorial Psalm

Lord, you have the words of everlasting life.



Gospel Acclamation

Praise to you, Lord Jesus Christ, King of endless glory!





Open My Eyes/Abre Mis Ojos (Jesse Manibusan)

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Open my eyes Lord, Help me to see your face

Open my eyes Lord, Help me to see


Open my ears Lord, Help me to hear your voice

Open my ears Lord, Help me to hear


Open my heart Lord, Help me to love like you

Open my heart Lord, Help me to love


I live within you, Deep in your heart, O Love

I live within you, Rest now in me


Abre mis ojos, que quiero ver como tu

Abre mis ojos, ayudame a ver


Abre mis oidos, que quiero ir como tu

Abre mis oidos, ayudame a oir


Abre mi corazon, que quiero mar como tu

Abre mi corazon, ayudame a amar


Ven y descansa, en mi corazon

Ven y descansa, te aliviare



Holy Holy (Dan Schutte)

Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God of hosts

Heaven and earth are full, are full of your glory

Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna in the Highest

Blessed is He who comes

Who comes in the name of the Lord

Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna in the highest



Mystery of Faith (Dan Schutte)

Save us, save us, Savior of the world

For by your Cross and Resurrection

You have set us free




A-men, A-men, A----men



Lamb of God

Lamb of God, You take away the sins of the world

Have mercy on us.  

Lamb of God, You take away the sins of the world

Have mercy on us.  

Lamb of God, You take away the sins of the world

Grant us peace





Unless a Grain of Wheat (Bernadette Farrell)

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Unless a grain of wheat shall fall

Upon the ground and die,

It remains but a single grain with no life.


If we have died with him then we shall live with him;

If we hold firm, we shall reign with him. [Refrain]


If anyone serves me then they must follow me;

Wherever I am my servants will be. [Refrain]


Make your home in me as I make mine in you;

Those who remain in me bear much fruit. [Refrain]


If you remain in me and my word lives in you,

Then you will be my disciples. [Refrain]


Those who love me are loved by my Father;

We shall be with them and dwell in them. [Refrain]


Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you;

Peace which the world cannot give is my gift. [Refrain]



Flow River Flow (Bob Hurd)

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Flow river flow, flow over me

O living water, poured out for free

O living water, flow over me


You will be mine and I will be your God

For I will wash you clean

And a new heart, a heart of flesh and feeling

I will place within you for your heart of stone



The blind shall see, the mute shall find a voice

The lame shall leap for joy

Rivers will flow into dry and barren desert,

Flowers bloom in splendor, glory fill the land



Whoever drinks the water I will give

Will never thirst again

The drink I give is an ever-flowing river

Welling up within you to give eternal life






This Day God Gives Me (James Quinn)

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This day God gives me, strength of high heaven

Sun and moon shining, flame in my hearth

Flashing of lightning, wind in its swiftness,

Deeps of the ocean, firmness of earth


This day God sends me, strength as my guardian

Might to uphold me, wisdom as guide

Your eyes are watchful, your ears are list’ning

Your lips are speaking, friend at my side


God’s way is my way, God’s shield is ‘round me

God’s host defends me, saving from ill

Angels of heaven, drive from me always

All that would harm me, stand by me still


Rising I thank you, mighty and strong one

King of creation, giver of rest

Firmly confessing, three-ness of persons

Oneness of Godhead, trinity blest